“Nice In Place of mind” It is really nice to meet you in our place, where we are wishing to have our blissful moment together. We started the journey with our homey café. We are glad to inform all of you that we expanded to be NiP Roaster and NiP Consultant, which are ready to service you as parts of us.

All through our journey, we have been doing our best to provide the best cup for our customers. We intend to serve the best quality coffee as we hope that you will receive the happiness and enjoy this moment together in our place of mind.


Rama IV

Beyond our café, NiP roasting is another business to provide you the uncompromising quality coffee beans. Over the years, we have been meticulously selecting many coffee bean varietals across the world and roasting them with our extraordinary coffee experience for you. You can choose to enjoy every single coffee origin in our place or brew your coffee at home. Moreover, you can customize your own preference blended coffee bean.

If you are looking for someone who will bring you to coffee business or even your ideal café, our crew at NiP Consultant are ready to be there with you. We are willing to share you both side of the coin, enjoyable or unpleasure situation from our valuable experiences. We will assist you with the café blueprint, strategies, and risk of coffee business. We can support team recruitment or offer your staff with comprehensive barista training. Furthermore, we provide the guidance to creating your own unique coffee & bakery recipes, which differentiate your business from others.

We also organize several workshops for home brewer and coffee businesses. Our courses include the coffee brewing fundamental with basic barista skill for both espresso and filter coffee. All brewing equipment can be adjusted with our principle from the workshop. It is unnecessary to using only one recipe in every cup but understanding our principle and practicing will help you to achieve your preference formula in each cup. Let’s enjoy the brewing together!
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